We validate ideas.

Let's de-risk your innovation efforts.

From Idea to Revenue,
real fast.

We test and launch new business ideas through the power of rapid experimentation. Our validation process helps companies of any size, to de-risk their innovation actions by making decisions based on evidence. From an idea to a validated business opportunity in the blink of an eye.


Shaped Idea
Problem Fit


Problem Validation
Problem-Solution Fit


Problem-Market Fit
Business Model Fit

Validation masterclass

In this 2 day session, we'll introduce you and your team to all the tools and techniques needed to test your new business ideas. Wether it's on site or remote, you'll leave our masterclass with multiple experiments to start validating your big idea.

MVP sprint

Do you have a problem to solve? An existing product/service that's needs to be improved? Or do you need to find you next growth engine? In only 5 days, we'll help you turn your idea into a MVP. Ready for testing.

Entrepreneur in residence

When it comes to corporate innovation or product development, delivering quality almost always means sacrificing speed - it doesn't have to. One of our Entrepreneurs in residence will be able to help you kick it into high gear before or after launch.

Validation track

Are you sick & tired of the innovation theatre in your company? We designed an accelerated track that validates new concepts via rapid experimentation in only 12 weeks. We go from post-its to revenue in less than 100 days.

Experimentation as fuel.

Size truly doesn’t matter when it comes to experiments. It’s about the strength of evidence. Validation means, verifying your assumptions by turning them into measurable experiments. The market needs to engage with your idea as fast as possible. It's that simpel.

Building in public.

Getting feedback directly from potential customers before your product/service has officially launched is invaluable. That's why our approach is focused on testing in public, this can be on- or off-brand. Use live data instead of assumptions to build or improve your product/service.

Strength of Evidence.

Having confidence in your collected data means creating an experiment plan for every hypothesis you want to validate. A sequence of experiments based on the strength of evidence, experiment setup time and the number of data points. That's how we can guarantee you high quality evidence.

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