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Experiment studio

Designing and running experiments is at the core of everything we do. We bring ideas to market by keeping it simple and avoiding long development cycles.


We pride ourselves on delivering clear outcomes and real business impact. Expect a top-notch experience throughout the whole journey together.


We're a boutique agency, a small group of talented individuals who all work together towards the same goal, satisfied customers.


We value our relationships with our clients. That's why we tell it like it is. Transparent and straightforward communication is in our DNA.


Cosmos Collective is what we like to call an actionable innovation studio. During all our years in the field we discovered that innovation teams mostly struggle with taking action. Companies don't lack innovative ideas, they just miss the speed to test & launch those ideas.

The number one reason why services or products fail, is because there is no market need. That's what we want to validate with Cosmos Collective. We want to go from an idea to new revenue or customers in less than 100 days.


Frederik & Yannick, the founders of Cosmos Collective go way back. Did you know that Yannick was Fré's lecturer back in the day? (Is Yannick really that old?😂)

They crossed paths again at Board of Innovation where they discovered their mutual interest for cool digital products, the hustle and of course, streetwear.

In a later stage, Fré joined Yannick at The Growth Revolution, the experiment studio that mainly focussed on growth marketing projects, before joining Growth Tribe in Amsterdam.


At Cosmos Collective we have a strong passion for great ideas. The only problem is that an idea is ... well, just an idea. We developed our own methodology to turn these ideas into businesses via experimentation.

Our aim is to guide entrepreneurs & companies while testing a new product or service idea.

Do you have a problem worth solving?
Do you have a solution worth building?
Do you have a product/service worth scaling?

By helping companies answering these questions, we want to de-risk new innovative ideas. Our mission is to launch faster combined with zero budget waste.


At Cosmos Collective we focus on implementation and outcome. Our aim is to create business impact.


We spend our time on testing and learning, not on building the best  looking MVP.


Cosmos Collective launches experiments to test hypotheses and validate critical assumptions.

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