8 tips from our growth experts to stand out on Black Friday

As we roll into the biggest holiday season of the year, it is time to examine how technology is influencing and simplifying shopping experiences. The busiest shopping day for retailers is right around the corner, and since the online experience is expected to get busier every time (thank you global outbreak) you should think twice about standing out on days like Black Friday. 

For online merchants, grabbing attention with their offers is essential to increasing sales and revenue. That's why we asked our Growth Experts for the best tips designed to drive more traffic to your online store.

  1. Launch early!

One thing you should never do; Wait until the morning of Black Friday to announce your biggest deals. The time is now, or can we say the time was yesterday?

Create some sort of urgency for Black Friday; Use teasers, sneak peeks, countdowns and ‘limited stock’ banners to announce your biggest deals so people’s wallets will start itching in their pockets. The Google Store for example has turned into a sneak peek carousel. 

The hottest bargains tend to go fast, and your product is one of them, right? So make sure to ramp up your marketing efforts around this annual price drop right NOW. 

  1. Partner with other brands

Are there partners who are willing to cooperate for Black Friday? Take advantage of this discounting strategy, ‘cause partnering with other brands means you’ll be able to offer a bigger deal to your customers and not only to YOURS. Your partnering brand might have a (slightly) different target audience so time to tap into them and scale up your reach, it’s the perfect occasion to enter new markets and to surf on each other's traffic and audience. All we do is win!  

  1. The power of remarketing

On Black Friday, remarketing is key! This digital marketing strategy helps you re-target your online store or engage with previous customers or visitors.

People are 70% more likely to convert after seeing a remarketing campaign (ads, socials, emails). It allows you to grab the attention again and remind your customer of the products they’re missing out on. 

It is one of the best ways to increase your sales and besides that, it is cost-effective, it helps you to connect with your audience and it is great for your brand recognition. 

A little bonus; we recommend providing extra deals with exit-intent pop-ups. Those messages will pop up as soon as the cursor of a page visitor goes out of the above page border as if they would close the page. 

  1. Gamification 

This is a great marketing tool for retailers to boost engagement and to attract new people to your online store. 

It is a fun way to push customers in the right direction, which is buying your deal of course. 

In the few weeks before Black Friday (which is NOW), it is the perfect time to launch gamification campaigns, think about spinning the virtual wheel to unlock deals, like the Derbooka example below to find out which discount page visitors will get. Another great example of Black Friday teasing is what Mediamarkt does; it communicates a new deal every day in the weeks before just like some sort of advent calendar. 

  1. Host a leaderboard contest

This fifth tip is a great one to tease people for Black Friday and benefit a massive (free) reach. Leaderboard contests are also perfect to get more engagement on your socials; every new entry is a new sales opportunity. 

Viral loops for example is a great tool to create those contests and other pre-launch campaigns in just minutes. It allows you to reach early adopters and even get feedback about your deals and campaigns. Furthermore, it helps you to grow your audience...

The better users create great content, the better it is for you to spread brand awareness. 

  1. Deal generator 

If you don’t want people to miss out on your deals (not just a single deal, we mean ALL of your deals), it’s a good idea to create a deal generator. This is a specific Black Friday page where your visitors go on and on to the next best deal in your offer every time they (re)load the page. This ‘load of deals’ is great for unique page views.

  1. Black Friday overviews

Another thing you can do to promote your Black Friday offer is to make sure to be included in relevant Black Friday overviews. These overviews will start promoting your deals even before Black Friday arrives and will help potential customers to find your offers on other pages than yours, think about the ‘early Black Friday’ page on Amazon for example. 

  1. Hide easter eggs

Easter eggs? It’s November? Well, we recommend still hiding them. Where exactly? In your app or on your website. For example; you announce a 50 euro discount every hour, hidden somewhere on your site or in your app. It makes people come back again to your shop, which will definitely make sales rise. Besides that, hiding easter eggs can raise brand awareness thanks to the ‘fun part’ you’re adding to the shopping experience. 

See? There are tons of ways to stand out on Black Friday, but the most important thing is to start your efforts to stand out ahead of time. Don’t wait any longer, promote your deals a few weeks in advance by showing a sneak peek and teasers that make your customer countdown to Black Friday and to your deals. 

Happy selling!

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