Five validation books to read this summer

Five validation books to read this summer

Summer is that season where you can be adventurous, relax by the beach, get tons of vitamin D and enjoy good books. But when it's time to organise the holiday, books are the latest item to be packed. So for this holiday season, the Cosmos Collective team created a list with the most exciting and complete books about innovation, validation and entrepreneurship.

Keep reading and discover them all.

1. Black Box Thinking

When starting an entrepreneurial or innovation project, you need to know that failing is the most significant part of the process. This book is all about uncovering the importance of deep-diving into the lessons that exist when we fail. It explains how organisations can create cultures that enable and encourage employees to learn from errors. This book is for you if you are willing to learn how to confront mistakes and acknowledge failure as a way to grow and learn.

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2. Experimentation Works

Many organisations and start-ups fail with their products because of no market need. However, it's been proven that experimentation is critical for innovation to succeed, and Stefan H. Thomke proves it in this book. He presents countless examples of organisations that have embraced an experimentation culture and highlight the benefits of becoming an experimentation organisation. So, if you are hesitating to run experiments to validate your hypothesis, this book can help you clarify your thoughts.

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3. From Idea to Product/Market fit

We know that an idea by itself is not of much value. However, people have great ideas constantly, and sometimes they don't know what to do with them. Therefore, this book is more like a step-by-step guide. It's a complete journey that explains how to turn ideas into action, following all the stages of the validation process until you achieve product-market fit.

If you are stuck with an idea and don't know where to start making something tangible, you cannot miss this book.

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4. The Corporate Start-up

Do you work for a corporate? If so, you know how hard it is to explain the concepts of corporate innovation to a new colleague, a boss or a partner. Even harder is to implement innovation cycles in corporations. However, the problem is not a lack of knowledge or understanding. It is the culture inside corporates. The Corporate Start-up is all you need to know when trying to implement innovation processes in corporations. It is a complete toolkit that provides context around innovation, explains how to create an ecosystem in your organisation, and clarifies the steps you need to take if you want to begin implementing it. 

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5. Testing Business Ideas

If you didn't know, this book is the bible for idea validation. It's the perfect companion for someone starting a new venture, from how to set up a team until what experiment to use, depending on the stage of your process. This book is a step-by-step guide into idea validation that will help you map your riskiest assumptions, translate them into hypotheses, prioritise them, and validate them.

This book is great to read during summer, especially if you have plenty of activities. You can read it during your spread time. With the style of Stretegyzer, it's a very visual book.

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