The biggest Black Friday deals for innovators.

It’s time, Black Friday is here, which means today might be the biggest shopping day of the year. For innovators, there are tons of great deals to make, so make sure you don’t miss out! 🚀

Last week we talked about how you can grab the attention of your target audience as an online merchant, which you can find here. This article might come in handy for next sales season. 

But since you’re an innovator and you don’t just want to sell, you might be looking for some cool new features or gadgets yourself. Keep on reading because we asked our team members about their best products, services or brands that provide a discount today and listed them for you. 🛍 🛒 

You’re welcome! 


As an innovator or marketer, there are tons of tools you might be using or you can’t wait to use in the future, but obviously, you can’t have it all...can you? Well, Black Friday is the perfect day to finally buy that subscription you’ve been waiting for so go ahead. 


AppSumo is the perfect site for deals if you’re looking for digitally delivered goods and services. Digital product businesses partner with AppSumo to offer their products at deep discounts. Entrepreneurs can browse through the offers available to find great products or services at a not-to-miss price, think about project management systems or social media tools. On Black Friday, not only the businesses who have their products on AppSumo offer great discounts, but also AppSumo itself. Today is the day to benefit from a 10% discount when spending 150+ dollars on online tools. Speaking about a double win! 


Webflow is a no-code tool that allows you to design, launch and maintain responsive websites. The coolest thing is; almost everything is customizable, but if you want to go even faster, you can always use one of the nice templates they have ready for you. 

For all designers, developers, and agencies who want to create a custom-coded site; Webflow offers a 50% discount on plans this Black Friday. Don’t miss out!


If you’re looking for a tool to build one-page sites for uhm, pretty much anything, we recommend creating an account on Carrd. They have free building tools but it is really worth it to upgrade your experience to the ‘Go Pro’ license for just 19 dollars a year. It’s not much, but if you decide to get it today, Black Friday got you covered with a 40% discount off all pro plans at Card. Just use the code ITSBF2021 when checking out. 


A photo library with 80 million high-quality stock images? That’s Depositphotos. Get away from those stock photos of free websites everyone is using already and go for the lifetime deal at Depositphotos, only available on Black Friday.  Your social media channels will thank you! 


The global outbreak had (or has) us living online for a while, but no worries; You can still organise your biggest events, it just asks for a little adaptation. HeySummit is your go-to tool for bringing your audience together online on your own terms. It allows you to create unlimited events with the needed flexibility to provide an exceptional online experience. Make the most exceptional online experience happen today, there are great Black Friday deals running at HeySummit. Be quick!


Websites, landing pages, pop-ups… You can all create them using Leadpages. This no-code tool helps you to create creative online content and collect leads real quick. Now, let’s skip to the good part: Leadpages offers a 60% discount on annual plans this Black Friday. Are you ready to turn more clicks into customers? We suggest you buy now. 

Adobe Creative Cloud

Are you even an innovator/ designer/ marketer if you don’t know Adobe’s Creative Cloud? Well, just in case: Creative Cloud is a collection of photography, video, design, web… apps. Besides that, it allows you to share creativity with the Adobe community and to collaborate with other creative superpowers. Need we say more? Yes! We’re happy to add that they have a great Black Friday deal ready: 40% off! 


Masterclasses, training, workshops, courses… If you don’t want to get behind in your career, these things are essential. Thanks to the global outbreak, more courses are organised remotely, which makes it even easier to fit it in your schedule. And then there is the good news; you can benefit from big discounts on online courses today, on Black Friday. 

Design sprint masterclass AJSmart

As if they would ever miss out on Black Friday! AJSmart has their best ever Black Friday deal ready for you (73% off their Official Design Sprint Masterclass, can you believe it?) 

So if you’d like to invest in your career rather today than tomorrow, we suggest you go buy their deal.

Hyper Island’s 2022 Online Courses

The second deal on courses you don’t want to miss is a little exceptional; it’s not a real Black Friday deal, but we still want to mention it, since it’s an offer you’ll need for sure. 

Hyper Island is offering an early 10% Christmas discount on all (yes, you read that right) their online courses for 2022. If you want to make sure to get those deals, subscribe to their VIP list to get early access. 


An innovator’s life would be nothing without the coolest new gadgets, agree? That’s why we listed the most amazing new things that you can buy today (and only today) at a great discount. Which one(s) will you be ‘adding to cart’ this Black Friday? 

Echo Dot smart Alexa

The Echo Dot is with a compact and sleek design one of the most popular speakers applying Alexa. Voice control your entertainment, stream songs, ask Alexa for help… In short; Control your smart home and protect your privacy at the same time with this Echo Dot. A great gadget for innovators if you ask us, and not to miss on Black Friday.

Bose Sound ear buds

In ear buds are lit! And, Bose, one of the biggest players is of course staying right on the sound experience track. For the smart shoppers, we recommend to ‘add to cart’ just in time to enjoy deals at 40% off on their most popular features, like these Bose Sound earbuds. Could you live the disappointment of missing out? No? We thought so… 


If you’re looking for modern and responsible gear for your next adventure, Timbuk2 is for you. If you’re looking for big deals on modern and responsible gear for your next adventure, Timbuk2 is especially for you on Black Friday.

They have a specific webpage ready for you full of deals and if you really don’t want to miss anything, you can sign up for their mailing list so you get each and every Black Friday item right in your mailbox. 

Timbuk2 Black Friday 2021 Sale | Grab Black Friday Offers On Laptop Bags,  Travel Bags


Sefirot cards are known as ‘the cards that enhance creativity’. Whether you’re looking for inspiration to speak in public, to write your next bestseller or for your creative growth, these cards are a true inspiration. Even more inspirational are their Black Friday bundles. 

ShiftCam Multilense smartphone 

Marketers who are looking to create great visual content for their social platforms; you really don’t need a professional photographer to get started. The ShiftCam Multilenses for your smartphone allow you to capture shots like a professional would, only using your phone. Find them today and benefit from massive discounts. 

Blue Yeti Podcast Mic

Podcasts are hot these days. You can find them about all kinds of topics since they are relatively easy to record. If you’re planning on making a podcast, there is one thing you need for sure and let Black Friday be the perfect day to add this item to your cart while enjoying a nice reduction. This Blue Yeti Podcast microphone is a professional USB microphone for high-quality streams and recordings. Oh, and it also comes in handy during online meetings. When buying today you can count on a 39% discount. 


A brand that is always going strong on Black Friday is Apple. Starting today, they have a 4-day shopping event coming up. Buy something online, whether it’s an iPhone, Macbook, Airpods, Apple TV, Beats or whatever, you’ll receive a gift card to use in the Apple store to use for your next purchase. So if you were planning to buy a new smartphone, the time is now (and will end on Monday). 

Beats by Dr Dre

The one who will never miss out on Black Friday sales is Beats by Dr Dre; For those who want a pair of headphones or earbuds: you might want to take a look into their deals today. The best sales from Dr Dre you can also find on Amazon. And if we can just say one more thing; You want those deals! 

What are you still doing here? Don't miss those big deals, start the shopping experience right now!

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