Explore the Cosmos,
Be part of the Collective.

Let us apply to you.


You're never too wise to learn something new. That's why we'll provide you with the opportunities to up-skill yourself. We pride ourselves on sharing our learnings with each other, so we can all grow and learn together.

Explore your

Enabling a culture where you can explore and to try new things is important to us. We want you to be curious and passionate about what you choose to do. Explore the Cosmos and be part of the Collective is our message to you.

Opportunity to
grow fast

Cosmos Collective is a startup which means there will be a certain level of chaos and uncomfortability. However, therein lies a realm of opportunity and chances to grow, learn and boost your career. If you're up for the challenge, we'll welcome you with open arms.

Projects with

We're partnering with big companies to bring disruptive ideas to market. That means you're always working on what could be the next big thing. Work on project that have real impact and help shape the future with Cosmos Collective.

From candidate
to colleague

Apply for a job

You can apply to one of our open applications or send us a spontaneous email.

Short Call

This first short call will be about getting to know you. Are you a culture-fit?

Skill Test

You'll get a problem case you need to solve so we can assess your level of seniority.


Time for an in-depth conversation about your role, expectations and ambitions.


When you survived all the stages, we'll send you a great offer. Are you with us or not?


Time to crack a bottle of champagne! You're now officially our colleague. Let's celebrate!

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