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On-demand expertise combined with entrepreneurial  
experience to accelerate your venture.

On-demand support for your venture squad.

Not sure how to create a validation roadmap? Don't know how to pick the right experiments? Difficulties turning your assumptions into testable hypothesis? If these challenges sound familiar, an entrepreneur in residence is what you and your team need. This service will give you instant access to someone who knows exactly what to look out for and what pitfalls to avoid when comes to testing & launching ideas.

Isn't this just a fancy title for a freelancer? No, it's not. You usually hire freelancers for one main expertise or skill, like taking care of your paid acquisition via social media for instance. An entrepreneur in residence adds some extra flavour. Strategic hustlers is what we like to call them at Cosmos Collective. Our EIR are proven experts that combine a business background with hands on entrepreneurial experience.

Accelerate your launch

An entrepreneur in residence will accelerate your teams efforts by strengthening your teams capabilities. Since the EIR has gone through the innovation funnel many times, he/she knows exactly where to focus so you can move forward even faster.

Boost the experiment mindset

Testing will help you adapt and thrive in a changing environment. However, most experiments fail so we'll show you how to embrace failure and how to see it as an opportunity for improvement. There are no failed experiments, only unexpected outcomes.

Rapid experimentation

Entrepreneurs are very hands on by nature, true problem solvers. The EIR knows what experiments to run to validate your hypothesis and is able to set them up at the same time. Experimentation will help you to shape your idea within your existing context.

Business meets tech-savvy

Our entrepreneur in residence is focused on taking the right decisions in order to accelerate your idea or venture. Say goodbye to classic consulting, insert lean entrepreneurship.

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Our EIR will provide guidance in validating your innovation roadmap. Tackling all the blockers that slow you down so you can strengthen your go-to-market / business case.

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Our entrepreneur in residence will be part of your team for a couple of days per week. His or her focus will be to de-risk and speed up your innovation efforts.

The entrepreneur in residence can help:

Corporate innovation teams

Accelerate your teams efforts by strengthening your teams capabilities. Get on-demand expertise combined with entrepreneurial experience and turn speed into a habit.

Startup Teams

The EIR helps you to create focus and discover your next growth engine through the power of experimentation. Take some big leaps towards your next feature, product or even market.

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Innovation is crucial to sustain your business. There is just no way around it. However, exploring these growth opportunities is risky business and can come at a great cost.

At Cosmos Collective, we want to help you innovate in a cost-sensitive way. We focus heavily on being as transparent as possible because relationships is what we value most.

No bullshit, no theatre, no vanity. Actionable innovation is what we stand for. Go beyond the buzzwords by implementing our proven validation process.

We were facing a huge blocker and running an MVP sprint with Cosmos Collective was crucial in overcoming this challenge. The feedback we got from our MVP showed us what our customers were actually looking for.  

Zygimantas Krupskis, Founder at Persy Booths

The 2 day masterclass turned our grocery app idea with local products into an MVP we could use to test. This allowed us to build a waiting list consisting of more than 4.000 potential clients.

Gert Aerts, Founder at Lokkal

In 12 weeks time, we were we able to identify and validate a new growth path. By letting our customer be our guide we were able to de-risk and save a ton of resources. This shift in thinking is really what we needed.

Josephus Ayoola, Growth Manager at Alpega

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