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2 day

Get introduced to the validation process. Get inspired by the growth mindset and practice with the tools and techniques needed to validate your new business idea.

Teams or individuals

On site or remote

Hands-on exercises

No code tools


Unblock your business problems fast by hyper focusing on solving these big challenges. Get unstuck by designing new products/services, or make existing ones better.

Corporate teams

5 days

Interactive MVP

Certified facilitators

Validation track

De-risk your innovation efforts by validating the problem you're trying to solve, the solution you're trying to build or the product/service you're trying to scale.

Corporate teams

12 weeks

Rapid Experimentation

Agile way of working

Entrepreneur in residence

Accelerate your teams efforts by strengthening your teams capabilities. Get on-demand expertise combined with entrepreneurial experience and turn speed into a habit.

Corporate or startup

Min. 2 days per week

Full team member

Lean entrepreneurship

Tangible innovation

No code tools

Measure everything attitude

Generate real business impact

Speed without recklessness

Why our clients
love us?

Experiment studio

Designing and running experiments is at the core of everything we do. We bring ideas to market by keeping it simple and avoiding long development cycles.


We pride ourselves on delivering clear outcomes and real business impact. Expect a top-notch experience throughout the whole journey together.


We're a boutique agency, a small group of talented individuals who all work together towards the same goal, satisfied customers.


We value our relationships with our clients. That's why we tell it like it is. Transparent and straightforward communication is in our DNA.

Actionable Innovation focused on Implementation and Outcome


At Cosmos Collective we focus on implementation and outcome. Our aim is to create business impact.

No Code Tooling so we can spend our time on learning and not building prototypes


We spend our time on testing and learning, not on building the best  looking MVP.

Rapid Experimentation


Cosmos Collective rapidly launches experiments to test hypotheses and validate critical assumptions.

Join our 8-day validation email course and get a 75% discount.

“Being able to engage with 4.000 potential clients on our waiting list is invaluable. Cosmos Collective really helped me see the true value of testing your product MVP-style”

Kim Herman
Lokkal, Product Owner

“Cosmos Collective's agile approach increased our speed and performance as a team. By breaking down big projects into small experiments we were able to see the impact on customer behavior in real time”

Isabelle Puskas
Telenet, Growth Marketer

“By following the validation process we were able to test and launch our app in record time. Getting customers involved from the idea phase was a game changer”

Edwin Van Vianen,
ING, Innovation Manager

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