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What is Validation?

No market need is still the absolute number one reason why some ideas don't take flight. That's what makes business validation so crucial. When it comes to new business ideas, experimentation is key. Therefore we designed an approach that allows us to test any idea, no matter the industry or technological difficulties.

Our job is to validate whether a concept is viable, desirable and feasible. In our 2 day masterclass, we help both individuals & teams to setup an environment that takes ideas through all the stages of validation. We have only one goal: Building an in-market MVP.

Innovation Sweet spot and the three lenses of innovation

The Experiment Mindset

Creating amazing products and delivering stunning services all starts with your mindset. Testing will help you adapt and thrive in a changing environment. However, most experiments fail, so we'll show you how to embrace failure and see it as a growth opportunity.

No Code Tools

You don't want to get stuck in long development cycles during the early stages of your idea. No code tools allow us to focus on testing our MVP instead of building it. It's perfect for validating critical assumptions and discovering what your audience really wants.

Building in public

We're not a fan of isolated innovation. That's why we created a validation process to test any idea within 100 days. Through building in public we get instant customer feedback. Fueled by experimentation, we discover the essence of our MVP really fast.

Turn your company into an innovation engine.

Do you struggle with developing your idea into a product or service? Are you having trouble with focusing on the customer? In this 2 day masterclass, we'll introduce you and your team to all the tools and techniques needed to test and launch your new business ideas. Wether it's on site or remote, you'll leave with a clear focus and multiple experiments ready to go live, so you can start shaping and validating your big idea.

Card one

Proven strategies from the field that will show you how to de-risk your innovation efforts. You'll learn the ins and outs of the experimentation process. You'll walk away ready to start gathering evidence for your idea.

Card two

Make no mistake, this is not another two day lecture. Hands on exercises and show & shares will make sure you're engaged on multiple levels. Our masterclass is designed to spark action and generate outcomes.

Who should join our
2-day masterclass?

Corporate innovation Teams

Speed up your innovation efforts. Say goodbye to long development cycles and start building in public from day one. Start experimenting & capture real-world evidence to strengthen the business case of your next idea.

Startup Teams

Did you find the right solution for your customer's problem? Are you looking to identify your next growth engine? This masterclass will help you take some big leaps towards your next feature, product or even market.


Find the right solution for the problem you want to solve. De-risk your idea by investigating the viability of it. In this masterclass you'll get some industry best practices to go beyond side hustling. Build your first MVP now.

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Innovation is crucial to sustain your business. There is just no way around it. However, exploring these growth opportunities is risky business and can come at a great cost.

At Cosmos Collective, we want to help you innovate in a cost-sensitive way. We focus heavily on being as transparent as possible because relationships is what we value most.

No bullshit, no theatre, no vanity. Actionable innovation is what we stand for. Go beyond the buzzwords by implementing our proven validation process.

We were facing a huge blocker and running an MVP sprint with Cosmos Collective was crucial in overcoming this challenge. The feedback we got from our MVP showed us what our customers were actually looking for.  

Zygimantas Krupskis, Founder at Persy Booths

The 2 day masterclass turned our grocery app idea with local products into an MVP we could use to test. This allowed us to build a waiting list consisting of more than 4.000 potential clients.

Gert Aerts, Founder at Lokkal

In 12 weeks time, we were we able to identify and validate a new growth path. By letting our customer be our guide we were able to de-risk and save a ton of resources. This shift in thinking is really what we needed.

Josephus Ayoola, Growth Manager at Alpega

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