De-risk your innovation efforts.

During our 12 week validation sprint we take an
in-depth look at either the problem you're trying
to solve or the solution you're trying to build.

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We see a lot of business struggle to find new growth paths. The willingness to innovate is there, but the high levels of risk is too big of a hurdle to overcome. You need strong evidence to make good decisions in an environment full of uncertainty. That's why we designed the 12-Week Validation Track.

During 12 weeks we'll run experiments to de-risk you innovation projects. We will start by setting a business objective. Once we can both agree on that goal we will define relevant KPI's and set an experimentation focus.

Since we execute in 2-week sprints, there will fixed progress updates to keep you in the loop at all times. At the end of the journey we'll pitch our findings so you can make an evidence based decision.

This is not a one-size fits all service. We designed 3 different versions of the 12-Week Track with each a different purpose.


Do you have a problem worth solving? That is main question we will try to answer during this track. We'll fine-tune your problem until it looks promising by running experiments mostly focused on desirability.


Do you have a solution worth building? To answer this question we'll run experiments to de-risk your solution. During the track, we'll verify interest and willingness to pay by focusing on desirability and viability.


Do you have a product/service worth investing in? We need proof that we achieved product-market fit and business model fit to show that we're ready. Our experiment focus during this track will be on feasibility and viability.

Stay calm and validate.

We all want to make better decisions, faster. Faced with uncertainty,
experimentation will allow you to do just that. Stop guessing
what will work and start validating your intuition.

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The SCRUM framework allows us to remove blockers quickly, share learnings fast and increase team alignment. After every sprint we also make sure the stakeholders are up to speed. By following the agile principles we're making sure we have a customer-centric approach.

Card two

At Cosmos Collective we use no-code tooling as much as possible. Drag & drop applications (e.g. like Pop by Marvel, Unbounce, Landbot etc.) help us to create digital products in a split second. Chatbots, apps, webpages, you name it. We want to spend our time on testing and learning, NOT building.

Who is the 12-week validation track for ?

Innovation Teams

De-risk your innovation efforts by validating your problem and solution during our 12-week validation track. No innovation theatre but actionable innovation that has real business impact.

Startup Teams

Not sure where to focus next? Everything is high priority? Then this 12-week validation track is just what you need. Create focus and discover your next growth engine through the power of experimentation.

Corporate Venture Teams

Identify new investment opportunities through rapid experimentation. Or do you want to build your next venture from the ground up? This 12-week validation track will make sure your resources aren't wasted.

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What the validation track looks like


Intense 5-day MVP sprint
Experiments ready to be executed
Stakeholder review and feedback round

Test and Learn

5 experiment sprints of each 2 weeks
SCRUM rituals to boost performance
Stakeholder update after every sprint


Report on the business objectives and KPI's
Present your finding to stakeholders
Make an evidence based decision

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Explore the Cosmos, be part of the Collective.

Innovation is crucial to sustain your business. There is just no way around it. However, exploring these growth opportunities is risky business and can come at a great cost.

At Cosmos Collective, we want to help you innovate in a cost-sensitive way. We focus heavily on being as transparent as possible because relationships are what we value most.

No bullshit, no theatre, no vanity. Actionable innovation is what we stand for. Go beyond the buzzwords by implementing our proven validation process.

We were facing a huge blocker and running an MVP sprint with Cosmos Collective was crucial in overcoming this challenge. The feedback we got from our MVP showed us what our customers were actually looking for.  

Zygimantas Krupskis, Founder at Persy Booths

The 2 day masterclass turned our grocery app idea with local products into an MVP we could use to test. This allowed us to build a waiting list consisting of more than 4.000 potential clients.

Gert Aerts, Founder at Lokkal

In 12 weeks time, we were we able to identify and validate a new growth path. By letting our customer be our guide we were able to de-risk and save a ton of resources. This shift in thinking is really what we needed.

Josephus Ayoola, Growth Manager at Alpega

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